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Discounts on school season products in municipal markets

On the morning of this Friday, January 17, the building authorities toured various sectors of the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, where they verified and made known the offers and great discounts of school supplies, school uniforms and shoes, in addition to the products of the basic basket.

This visit was presided over by Mayor Reyna Rueda, who was accompanied by merchants from the capital markets, where she verified the discounts and low prices on all the products of the school season and the basic basket.

The tour began in the southern sector of the Carlos Roberto Huembes market, where school products and uniforms are sold, ending in the area of the bus terminal that travels to the south and east of the Nicaraguan capital.

The merchants invited the parents of families with school-age children to visit the municipal markets where they will be offered a better price and discount on all the products of the season; Likewise, they highlighted the work carried out in coordination with the National Police, to guarantee the safety of buyers and merchants.

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