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They install an outdoor gym in the community park of Villa Venezuela

Committed to serving you better every day, to build the city we all want, the Good Government, through the building administration of the Citizen Power, carried out rehabilitation works in the community park of Villa Venezuela, as well as the construction of an outdoor gym .

This work of the common good was delivered to the community by comrade Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, who highlighted the efforts of the Good Government to guarantee recreation and healthy recreation of the capital's families; Proof of this is that in 2018 213 parks were rehabilitated, plus 76 in 2019, the year ended with 289 parks; To which is added the rehabilitation and installation of urban real estate in 2 parks in the first 15 days of this year 2020.

The rehabilitation of the Villa Venezuela park consists of the installation of an outdoor gym with 8 exercise machines, the repair and painting of children's games and perimeter mesh; with an investment of 198 thousand Córdobas, which benefits the 39 thousand 316 inhabitants of the 10 sectors of this neighborhood of District 7 of Managua.

For their part, the families were satisfied with this work that guarantees a space for recreation and now to do exercises that contribute to keeping the body and mind healthy, as stated by Mrs. Carol Fabiola Guerra, a resident of the Villa Venezuela community.

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