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Launch of the Dariana Day 2020

Prior to the commemorations of the 153rd anniversary of the birth of the Prince of Castilian Letters and promoting our cultural identity, Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua, presented the Plan for the 2020 Dariana Day.

The presentation of this day of activities took place at the monument to Rubén Darío located on the north side of the central park of Managua; where the population enjoyed an artistic gala inspired by the works of the famous Nicaraguan poet.

The Jornada Dariana 2020 is dedicated to the first Nicaraguan actor Hugo Hernández Oviedo in memoriam, in recognition of his contributions in promoting and disseminating the literary production of the father of modernism Rubén Darío.

The activities of the Dariana day were presented by comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, who highlighted that in the coming days there will be poetry contests aimed at boys and girls from the Chiquilistagua, Pochocuape and San Isidro Libertador regions, as well as, in the Manuel Fernández neighborhood of District 7.

Likewise, series of Darianas conferences will be held, to be held in the Iván Montenegro market, Julio Buitrago Museum and in the Rubén Darío auditorium of the Civic Center; in addition to artistic events in coordination with the Leonel Rugama Cultural Movement and the inauguration of a public library in the Colina 110 sector of the Manuel Fernández neighborhood.

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