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Road Improvement Work eliminates critical point due to flooding

In permanent attention to the population and committed to guaranteeing the well-being of the capital's families, the Good Government, through the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out a road improvement work in the Juan Emilio Menocal neighborhood of District 2, with the that a critical point by flooding of the capital is eliminated.

This project of restitution of rights improves the living conditions of 250 inhabitants of this community located west of the Nicaraguan capital, the investment amount of the work was 292,500 Córdobas, financed with its own funds.

The work for the common good consisted of road improvement of 400 linear meters of street, through triple treatment of a street, which contributes to storm drainage and eliminates a flood point, which affected 4 homes; in addition, to provide better access conditions to the sector.

The project was inaugurated and handed over to the community by comrade Reyna Rueda, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, who highlighted the commitment of the Good Government to build the city we all want and made known that, with this work, the Good Government has executed 3 road improvement projects in the Juan Emilio Menocal neighborhood, from 2016 to date, with which the vulnerability of the community has been reduced.

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