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Municipal authorities tour Los Angeles neighborhood project

This January 14, the municipal authorities toured the Comprehensive Project for Road Improvement and Sanitation Works of the Los Angeles neighborhood, this project has three components and due to its scope, it is the largest project in drainage works that the Municipality executed in 2019 in District V.

In addition to carrying out road works, lining 8 blocks with concrete, it also carried out storm drainage and sanitary drainage works.

Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Capital Commune, confirmed that the project directly benefits 3,360 families living in the neighborhood and 12,000 protagonists from the surrounding neighborhoods.

“We are supervising the final part of one of the most important projects we have had in 2019 and its continuity for 2020, this is an integral project for the area, we have started our journey in the 30 de Mayo neighborhood and ended in Los Angeles, this was an area vulnerable to erosion caused by the rains with very difficult sanitary conditions ”.

Moreno explained that both neighborhoods before the project had no drainage and when it rained it became a critical point.

"Before the project there was no storm drainage system, and we replaced the pluvial system pipeline, which was very small for the number of families in the area, we are where the Los Angeles neighborhood ends and the 30 de Mayo neighborhood begins. continue to replace the plumbing of the sanitary system for a little more than 15 blocks, until connecting it with the 25 de Febrero neighborhood in the next three months, this would create the conditions so that in 2021 we continue the lining of the streets, creating a new route between the District V and District VII ”, explained Moreno.

The project installed 650 linear meters of storm drain pipe, 32 drainpipes, 19 storm manholes and 7 sanitary manholes.

The project in general has an impact on 5 neighborhoods of the capital, directly benefiting 12 thousand inhabitants of the area with an investment of a little more than 12 million córdobas.

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