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Managua Mayor's Office presents 2020 Annual Investment Plan

The authorities of the Municipal Government of Managua presented the Annual Investment Plan for the year 2020, which will execute 320 new projects, with an investment of 7,386,280 million córdobas, this budget assigned for the various projects, is the largest in history, And it's possible thanks to the trust of taxpayers.

Following guidelines from the National Government led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, all projects have the objective of building a better homeland for all with peace and a future.

The works to be carried out will be in roads, storm drainage, water and sanitation, social infrastructure works and emblematic projects.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that among the road works, 601 blocks of road network will be attended and the expansion and modernization of the Juan Pablo II Highway will begin.

“This year we have a historical budget for the capital and its execution must be that historical, that ratifies our commitment to make a homeland, to build peace and a future for all managuas, one part of this budget is thanks to the taxpayers and the other It is part of the budget assigned to the expansion of the Juan Pablo II Track, in addition to this, we will carry out 184 road projects, which will build 601 new streets, of these, 72 blocks will be re-peated, 79 blocks with double treatment, 26 blocks with hydraulic concrete, 31 blocks of cobblestones, 180 of asphalt coating and we will build 6 vehicular bridges ”.

With this budget, the Commune will also give priority to drainage of the city by executing 27 projects, one of the largest is the lining of the riverbed of the Germán Pomares neighborhood in district V, which this year will continue until it is joined to that of Fanabasa and the installation of 830 New lids of tragines in the main and secondary streets that most deserve it, and as every year, the 21 micro-dams that the capital has and the 77.6 kilometers of lined riverbeds will be cleaned as part of the Winter Plan.

Moreno confirmed that this year among emblematic projects such as Bismarck Martínez, it will benefit 30 percent of the people who have been benefited.

"The Bismarck Martínez Program to date has 18,000 beneficiaries, this year we will be delivering at least 3,000 lots and 2,000 homes, which will be generating 1,000 to 2,000 new jobs," explained the Secretary.

Moreno stressed that the budget assigned for this year is the largest in history, thanks to the trust of taxpayers in this building administration.

In urban equipment, Moreno explained that there are 26 projects such as: parks, sports fields, fields and maintenance of tracks and boulevards and in social infrastructure works, it is expected by the end of the year, to have reached the goal of 50 projects, such as maintenance thirteen CDIs, natural medical care, 9 projects in the Managua markets to improve the conditions of commercial activity, it will also invest in road education, environmental bonds, management and conservation of protected areas.

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