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Managua Mayor's Office and Journalists pay tribute to Enrique E. Gottel

This Thursday, January 9, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, together with journalists from the capital, paid tribute to the journalist Enrique Gottel, of German origin and pioneer of print journalism in Nicaragua, who in 1865 founded the country's first printed newspaper in Rivas, called "The Future of Nicaragua."

Gottel was the first journalist who promoted the information in our country, when he could not send the newspaper he himself would come to leave it to the Leal Villa de Santiago, he also promoted the Nicaraguan route to speed up transportation and tourism.

The regional offering was deposited by journalists from the capital such as Adolfo Pastrán and Néstor Espinoza.

At the same time, the commune, following the mandate of the Government of President Ortega to preserve the Historical and Cultural Heritage of the capital, formed a committee made up of citizens of the capital that on February 5 will present the constitutive act of the committee that among its main The objective is to rescue, disseminate and protect the Historical and Cultural Heritage so that the new generations know their roots where they come from and where we are going.

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