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Dignified Housing Program begins 2020 with the delivery of house 198 in the Arlen Siu neighborhood

At the beginning of 2020, the Dignified Housing Program executed by the Central Government in coordination with the Municipality, handed over house 198 in the Arlen Siu neighborhood in District VII, thanks to the unconditional and fraternal support of the people and government of China (Taiwan) .

The first house to be inaugurated this year is part of a group of houses that were built urgently, by mandate of the Presidency, there are 4 houses that were built since they were affected by fires that occurred on the 27th, 30th and December 31 in the capital.

The protagonist is Mrs. Santos Sonia Villachica and her family, who on the 27th lost everything because of the accident, Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, reiterated the commitment of the Municipality to provide a rapid response in cases as sensitive and vulnerable as this one.

“Following guidance from our President, Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, to attend immediately to this affected family, from day 27 we were present to guarantee everything necessary for them, who lost everything, the companions who built They made the house in five days, this is admirable because even when they were holidays we worked, because the orientation was to build immediately so that they would not be without a safe house for so long, we will continue working the days that are necessary to change the lives of families that are in vulnerable conditions, "said the Mayor.

For his part, the Ambassador of China (Taiwan) reiterated the commitment to support the projects of the Government and the Mayor's Office that are carried out for the good of families.

"We are proud to deliver this house to the family of Doña Santos who were affected by the fire, but today in the new year, have a new house, we are witnesses of the work and projects promoted by the President and Vice President to change the lives of families in sensitive situations, "said the diplomat.

Piera Mendieta, daughter of Doña Santos and mother of two children, thanked the support provided and the speed with which they attended to the situation of her family.

“It still seems a lie that we already have a new house, everything went so fast, we walked with my mother doing an errand, thank God there was no one in the house, they called us at noon that the house had burned, when we came there was nothing But the neighbors supported us and within five hours the Mayor's Office was bringing the materials for the house, in five days they had already built it thanks to the President who is looking out for the people who need it most ”.

At the end of December there were three fires, on the 27th in the Arlen Siu, on the 30th of December in the Costa Rica neighborhood and on the 31st in the Casimiro Sotelo neighborhood.

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