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Merchants of the Iván Montenegro Market announce Student Fair

The 1,800 merchants of the Iván Montenegro market announce to the families of the capital that they are preparing to hold the Student Fair that it will bring great discounts on school supplies, uniforms and footwear for this new school year.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, made a tour of this market that receives the best cheeses in the country, in which he confirmed the number of families making their purchases and the good pace in sales in this first weekend of 2020, which that envisions a year of economic growth in Nicaragua.

Market Manager Iván Montenegro, colleague Humberto Cornejo, announced that merchants are organizing for this fair, which will be located in the southern bay of this shopping center to offer the products of the school season and invited families to acquire the attractive offers and low prices.

He stressed that families can make their purchases with peace of mind, since the Good Government, through the National Police, guarantees there is security for merchants and buyers in this capital market.

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