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Delivery of decent homes and food to families affected by fire

Three families affected by a voracious fire in the Costa Rica neighborhood, District Four of Managua, received help from the Managua Mayor's Office this January 1.

The Deputy Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas announced that the fire completely consumed the homes of comrade Armando and comrade Gloria Mejía, who will be given decent housing and a third house that was partially affected at the time of the incident, it will be delivered ceiling plan.

Armas, on behalf of the Good Government, delivered the solidarity support of a package of food, clothing and footwear for the affected families.

“Se les está entregando unos paquetes alimenticios, con arroz, pasta, pinolillo, azúcar frijoles y además ropa”, detalló el Vicealcalde capitalino.[vc_images_carousel images=”26233,26234,26235,26236,26237,26238,26239,26240,26241,26242,26243,26244,26245,26246,26247,26248,26249,26250″ img_size=”large”]

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