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IV Exhibition of Modified Cars and Motorcycles

Thousands of people from the capital gathered in the parking lot of the Dennis Martínez National Stadium, to enjoy the show that more than 80 cars and motorcycles gave in the IV Exhibition of Modified Cars and Motorcycles.

“We have here about 80 vehicles, motorcycles and caponiers. It is a completely free exhibition for the enjoyment and delight of all Managua residents, ”explained Noel González, Director of Sports for the Managua Mayor's Office.

He indicated that the vehicles exhibited belong to 32 modified car clubs in the country, who together with the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua organized this event for the recreation of families.

González stressed that the Good Government of Commander Daniel has guaranteed public spaces where lovers of this art can show their ingenuity and families enjoy these cars.

Similarly, colleague Noel González, announced that for the year 2020 it is planned to organize a Central American event.

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