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II Christmas Swimming Tournament at the Michele Richardson Swimming Pool Complex

With a large attendance of families from the capital, the second edition of the Christmas Swimming Tournament was held at the Michele Richardson swimming pool complex.

This swimming tournament was inaugurated by colleague Enrique Armas, who described it as a successful and unprecedented year for the development of the national sport.

He also indicated that this sporting event held 32 swimming competitions and had the participation of 103 athletes, of them 47 girls and 56 boys, all of them, members of the Swimming Academy of the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power of Managua.

Armas thanked the parents for the trust and joint effort so that the children learn to swim at this swimming academy.

“Thank you parents, thank you swimmers. We already invite you to participate in the next competitions next year. We urge you to enroll your children in this swimming academy so that we can continue doing more sport in our beautiful Managua, ”said Armas.

These competitions were held in the freestyle, chest and back styles in the categories:

56 years

7 - 8 years

9 - 10 years

11 - 12 years

13 - 14 years

15 - 24 years

25 años a más.[vc_images_carousel images=”26169,26170,26171,26172,26173,26174,26175,26176,26177,26178,26179,26180″ img_size=”large”]

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