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Attractive end-of-year offers in the Managua markets

Two days after the end of the year, the capital markets are stocked with different products for the end of the year dinner and families enjoy the low prices and attractive offers offered by merchants this festive season.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, indicated that a special tour was made through the Roberto Huembes market and it was confirmed that the pace of sales in this shopping center is going very well, there is a good influx of families visiting the markets and enjoying mega discounts and promotions on all products in the basic basket, clothing, footwear, perishables, meat and services in the beauty industry.

Tomasa Lanuza, buyer of the Huembes market, affirmed that the prices of the different household products, personal use and food products are accessible to the consumer's pocket and invited families to visit the market where they will find the lowest prices.

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