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Managua markets offer mega discounts for the end of the year

This Friday the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, took a tour with the merchants of the Israel Lewites market where the attractive offers for consumers in these last days of the year 2019 were verified.

During the tour, Mayor Rueda invited families from the capital to visit these popular shopping centers, where they are offered low prices and great discounts on all products for the end of the year dinner, household products, personal use such as clothing, footwear. and haircuts.

“We continue to invite all Nicaraguan families to attend these stores and take advantage of these promotions and all the human warmth that the merchants provide, the affection and the offers. Everything is a combination of factors that help us to have good results ", Rueda stressed.

Vilma Lorena Muñoz, owner of a beauty salon, announced that discounts of 30% are being applied in haircuts and promotions in all the services it offers, adding that this festival of Christmas discounts and end of the year has generated an increase in clientele.

Mayor Rueda highlighted the achievements made with this festival of Christmas discounts and the end of the year, due to the dynamism it has had in the country's economy.

“We are very happy with the results achieved in the discount fairs. Through these discounts we have verified the influx that has increased in each of the markets and here in Israel Lewites is visited by an average of 3,500 customers every day and we increased by 80 percent that is, we were well visited and the merchants very happy because they have had good sales thanks to these offers“, he claimed.

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