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Managua Council approves the 2020 Municipal Budget

In the Ordinary Session number 23 of the Honorable Council of Managua the Municipal Budget of Income and Expenses for the year 2020 was approved, which has a projection of 7,386 million 280,000 Córdobas from the payment of taxes made by the taxpayers of the capital and extraordinary income from various external sources.

The 2020 budget will be used for the execution of development projects and programs, as well as for public cleaning works, maintenance of the road network and the storm drainage system; Among the main works to be carried out in 2020 is the execution of the first works of the expansion of the San Juan Pablo II track and the Bismarck Martínez program of lots and construction of decent and safe houses.

Likewise, in this Session of the Managua Council, it was approved to deliver the Municipal Order "Year of the Bicentennial of the Loyal Villa de Managua" 1819 - 2019 and its corresponding resolution, to the Musical Band of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, where the Mayor Reyna Rueda delivered the Order to César Bermúdez, director of the Band and its members.

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