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Little patients from La Mascota's oncology ward receive a Christmas gift

With the Christmas spirit of love and solidarity that floods all Nicaraguans, the Capital Commune held a pastoral and delivery of gifts to the inpatients of the oncology area of the Manuel de Jesús Rivera La Mascota hospital.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, together with the joy brigade represented by the clowns of the Social Promotory, brought a toy to each child and a message of hope to their parents and relatives.

“As brothers in Christ, we are here today sharing with these children and their families we have come to show solidarity with each one of them, it is a long road but it must be traveled with faith, these children are not alone, thank God we have a humanist government, sensitive, which guarantees free treatment and qualified personnel so that these little warriors can fight their battle, our government will continue to support each of these families unconditionally in this test of faith ”, affirmed the Mayor.

Yexi Orozco, originally from Sébaco, is the mother of Anderson Steven, an 11-year-old patient, he has been hospitalized for 11 months and will complete his treatment in three months.

“I feel very excited, I have no words to express the joy that my heart feels, to see that my son receives his gift, the joy of the clowns, that is priceless when one is locked up for months, thank God my son already They operated on her leg, they did her chemotherapy and we have only three months left to finish the treatment. God bless the Commander who helps us with the chemo that is so expensive and here it is free and with this shelter, because one cannot be traveling, I join all the mothers who are here and tell them: Let us have Faith ”.

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