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One hundred riders will participate in the National Motocross Championship

This Saturday, December 14, starting at 5:00 in the afternoon, the National Motocross Championship will be held, on the extreme track of Paseo Xolotlán, entry to the most anticipated sporting event of the year will be totally free.

Preparations on the track and all the logistical assembly, such as the installation of retractable stands for 6 thousand people, plus security measures are in process, the competitions will be at night and Central American runners will also participate, which gives the sporting event a level of Central American championship, as reported by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, in a press conference accompanied by the President of Conimoto, Mr. Carlos Zavala.

“Following directions from Commander Daniel to provide families with quality sporting events, we have organized this night championship in coordination with Conimoto, after 4 years, there are 100 runners who will participate in the 17 categories and we will also have runners from El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica ”, explained the Vice Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas.

He stressed that motorcycle competitions have had an excellent year so far in 2019, due to the joint effort between the Mayor's Office of Managua and Conimoto, since this year beautiful events have been organized.

The National Electricity Transmission Company (Enatrel) is enabling the lighting of the track for this great closing of the National Motocross Championship, confirmed the Vice Mayor.

Among the children's category will be participating Steven Sobalvarro, who at the end of his event on the motocross track, will receive special recognition at the Olympic Gala.

The track will be covered with the necessary mesh for security and there will also be relief units from the National Ambulance Center, the National Police will be guarding the place to maintain the safety of the families. The Unified Firefighters and the Ministry of Health will also be there.

Carlos Zavala, President of Conimoto, explained that the competition will be at 5:00 in the afternoon, so "we expect a full house, we have 17 categories, infantile, feminine, expert, masters" A "in 250, 450 and quadricycle We hope to close this event with a flourish ”, said Zavala.

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