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Bismarck Martínez program benefits 17 thousand main families

The land and housing program "Bismarck Martínez" in the capital has a reach of 17 thousand protagonists, a little more than 85 thousand people will be receiving their home or land very soon.

The Secretary General, Fidel Moreno, explained that 200 more lots will be delivered in mid-December.

“The program in Managua alone exceeded all expectations, there are 17 thousand protagonists who were benefited with contracts, of these, 11 thousand are for housing and 6 thousand for lots, this shows the confidence of Nicaraguan families in the programs that our Government executes , the first 10 days of each month we can see the beneficiaries who come to pay their punctual installments ”.

Moreno confirmed that in a few days the site where the first social housing of the program will be built will be delivered.

“In a few days we will be delivering the land where the first 500 homes will be built, in mid-January we would have to deliver the first 100 homes, once the construction of the houses begins, we will have to guarantee delivery times and quality in the construction process, the builders will have to give us 100 per month ”, explained Moreno.

María de Jesús López, 50 years old, had two children and is now a grandmother, she always had to live with her mother and now she will have her own home.

“I feel happy this is the best Christmas of my life I am 50 years old and I had to live with my mother all my life, now that I am a grandmother I will be able to give my children a home of my own, I worked on my own all my life and with what I earn by selling, I have given my specific quotas, I have three quotas, thank God, I invite those who have nowhere to live, to come here because the Commander has been the only one who made possible the dream of all those who do not have a house " Lopez said.

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