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XI Edition of the Contest "the Most Beautiful Altar in Honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary"

With the cry of Who Causes So Much Joy? The Conception of Mary! The eleventh contest for the "Most Beautiful Altar in Managua in honor of the Virgin Mary" was started, organized by the Mayor's Office of Citizen Power, as part of the rescue of our traditions.

This edition of the contest was presented by colleague Jennifer Porras López, Secretary of the Managua Council, who toured some of the participating altars in District 3.

Among them, they visited the altar made by the young Bismarck Hernández in the San Judas neighborhood, who has been participating in the contest for 5 years, of which, on 3 occasions, he has won the first 2 places, this year it was based on the theme Biblical of the Annunciation to the Virgin Mary.

Similarly, the altar built by the Torres Sevilla family in the Bertha Calderón neighborhood was visited, where Mr. Lennon Torres explained that his altar was inspired by the history of the first inhabitants of Managua and expressed his gratitude to the Municipality, for promoting this type of contest that promotes the rescue of our traditions.

For her part, comrade Jennifer Porras López, said that this year a little more than 200 families with altars participate, which will be evaluated by a qualifying jury that will choose the 3 best from each district, for a total of 21 awarded altars, with 9 thousand córdobas for the first places, 7 thousand for the second and 5 thousand for those who reach third place in each district of the Nicaraguan capital.

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