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Comuna Capitalina inaugurates monument to Alexander Von Humboldt

The Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with the German Embassy in our country, inaugurated a monument and a mural in homage to the scientist and researcher Alexander Von Humboldt, in front of the Nicaraguan German School on the occasion of celebrating the 250th anniversary of his birth.

In homage to Humboldt's work and legacy to humanity, he highlighted his trips to the Americas and the discovery and documentation of more than 4 thousand different species including birds, plants, parasites, he also documented the characteristics of the flora and fauna of great part of the world, he specialized in various areas of science such as geography, astronomy, physics, zoology, astrology, for all his knowledge and discoveries he is considered the father of modern geography.

Mayor Reyna Rueda stressed that the most important thing in her work is the approach of the scientific model with empirical knowledge.

“For us it is a pride to pay tribute to an exceptional human being, Humboldt with that ability to travel so much around the world, in his thirst to learn and discover, he knew how to narrow the scientific model with the simplicity and knowledge that empirical observation gives, Humboldt, being a born scientist, gave great importance to the knowledge that the inhabitants of the area had, in the places he was visiting on his journey around the world ”.

In his words, the head of mission of the German Embassy, Mr. Moritz Jacobshegen, explained that Humboldt's work was immortalized in history for his legacy to science and geography.

"Humboldt holds a world record, there are more than a thousand places in the world that bear the name of his name, in the history of the world Humboldt beats kings, presidents, we can say that there is no more known character in the world that Humboldt, this shows the victory and the importance of the illustration for science and human knowledge ”, said the diplomat.

Humboldt's best known work is Cosmos, which was illustrated in 30 volumes, in more than 20 languages in the world.

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