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Valle Dorado Park has a new community gym

The families of Valle Dorado who live in the surroundings of the park already have a new community gym, this new area of the park is part of a project that the Municipality will carry out in several parks in the capital through the Directorate of Ornato.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas explained that this holiday season, the conditions will be created so that families can fully enjoy the recreation areas.

“We continue to comply with the mandate of Commander Daniel, creating places for family recreation, that is why we built this outdoor community gym so that all family members, when they come to the park, the children can enjoy the games and the older ones, of the exercise machines and those who want to rest, also have their picnic tables, either to read or eat outdoors, ”said Armas.

The gym was built with its own funds, with an investment of 518 thousand córdobas and has a set of 10 exercise machines: 3 treadmills, 3 for abdominals, 2 bicycles, 2 machines to work the waist muscles, 10 picnic tables , 9 new benches and 9 garbage cans, benefiting 1600 inhabitants.

The Valle Dorado park has a total area of 8,335 square meters and the new outdoor gym has an area of 322 square meters.

Maritza Valladares has lived in front of the park for 35 years and her children grew up there and assures that the park is providing better conditions for the new generations.

"Those of us who are already grandmothers feel happy with the remodeling of this park, it has always been very big and had no attractions, now it already has games and these machines so that one can exercise, the Mayor's Office has been working for two years in a row in this park to make it more beautiful ”, stressed Valladares.

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