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Iván Montenegro Market continues with the festival of Christmas discounts

Merchants in the capital markets invite Nicaraguan families to visit these popular shopping centers, which this season will offer discounts of 10% and 30% on all their products, as part of the Festival of Mega Discounts of the Christmas season.

This Friday, colleague Enrique Armas Rosales, visited the Iván Montenegro market, to promote the festival of Mega discounts on all products of the Christmas season, where low prices were found.

Mr. Isaac Moreno, merchants of natural and artificial flowers, invited the families who celebrate the Purísima, visit this capital market where they will be given good discounts.

Likewise, Mrs. Amparo Urbina, a species merchant, said that in this market they can find half a pound of raisins at 40 and plum at 50, in addition to other spices and ingredients to prepare Christmas dinner.

For her part, colleague Francis Marín from the Iván Montenegro Market Merchants Association, said that they are working together with the National Police to guarantee the safety of merchants and buyers.

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