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For the first time in history the Champions League arrives in Nicaragua

For the first time in the history of Nicaraguan sport, Managua was the site of a match of the international professional basketball league organized by the International Basketball Federation.

The Basketball Champions League Americas Tournament will hold two games in our country, the Nicaraguan team of Real Estelí or Tren del Norte as it is popularly known, faced the Mexican team Fuerza Regia this Monday, November 25, at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center and on Thursday the 28th he will face the Mexican team Capitanes.

In the welcoming words of Mayor Reyna Rueda, the importance of how this type of sporting event strengthens the bonds of unity among the Central American countries was highlighted.

“Welcome to the teams of our beloved Mexico: Fuerza Regia and Capitanes, welcome to our beloved Real Estelí players who are representing all of Central America tonight, welcome to all the organizers and delegations of international referees who will work on this sporting event, welcome to the land of Sandino, by Rubén Darío, this land of lakes and volcanoes that welcomes you with open arms ”.

"Tonight is recorded in our history, because the game is not facing two countries, this game is uniting us, because today the Nicaraguan team is representing all of Central America," said the Mayor.

Rueda highlighted the importance and role that the support of the Central Government has played in promoting Nicaraguan sport.

“Nicaragua begins to live new times, if today we are in this Sports Center, in a professional league game, it is thanks to the work of years and unwavering support of our President for all sports disciplines, if today we have sports infrastructure worthy of international games It is thanks to the ability of the Central Government to face the Central American Games of 2017 ”.

In the first game of the Champions League Americas, Real Estelí played with their soul.

In the first quarter of time the score was 17 points Real Estelí - 20 points Fuerza Regia; While the second quarter of the game, Tren del Norte managed to advance to 35 points and Fuerza Regia 37.

At the beginning of the third quarter, the game became not suitable for heart patients at the end of the third quarter of time 1 Real Estelí, turned the score from 69 to 50, putting 19 points of difference between them and the Mexicans.

At 8:31, Real Estelí won the match defeating Fuerza Regia with a score of 90-65, fans from the capital and the departments made the Alexis Argüello Sports Center vibrate with their bars, when Tren del Norte won a game more, which puts him on the way to qualifying for the next stage of the Champions League.

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