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Managuas enjoy lighting the largest Christmas tree in Nicaragua

The largest Christmas Tree in Nicaragua is more than 60 meters high and was lit this Sunday, November 24, in the Plaza de la Revolución, inaugurated the start of the 2019 Christmas festivities.

The Christmas tree has a star on its top and is decorated with colored lights, bell figures, gifts, ribbons and was lit by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, who stressed that at the same time the tree was lit, they are The 40 altars on Avenida de Bolívar to Chávez are ready, which are traditionally built in honor of La Purísima Concepción de María.

“Peace and tranquility is the greatest treasure that Nicaraguans enjoy as a family, they are moments of understanding, they are moments of commitment, they are moments of unity, especially in the family. We must promote peace in each one of us, this tree that is the largest in Nicaragua, along with the 40 altars that we installed on Avenida Bolívar in honor of the Blessed Virgin. We designed them with all our love so that families can come and enjoy this Christmas atmosphere ”, expressed Rueda.

He stressed that the most important thing that the Nicaraguan people have is that they can celebrate in peace, in joy, in love, solidarity and harmony, which is what Good Government promotes in Nicaraguan families.

"We start Christmas in the company of families, in times of peace and harmony and that is what the Government of Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario promote, love, affection, unity, peace, to which we all have the right as a people, let us join our hearts, join our hands in peace ”.

Grethel Martínez, from the capital, was one of the people who attended the opening of the Christmas festivities with her entire family, in the Plaza de la Revolución and said that all the attractions of Avenida Bolívar are waiting for the entire families.

“It is a nice thing that our Government is making these altars every year, the kids already know that when they leave classes, one brings them here to visit all the alters, we also take them to the Luis Alfonso park, which has a fountain that dances, the kids they get excited when they see the lake and the boats, only our President could do all these things, but the most important thing is the freedom we have to come and walk down the street at night, ”said Martínez.

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