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Jass winning team of the Women's Basketball Tournament "We Want Peace"

This Sunday, November 24, the final of the II women's basketball tournament “We Want Peace” was held, which was organized by the Good Government to promote sports and the involvement of women in all sports disciplines.

The final of this tournament was between the Jass teams of Managua and the Caribbean of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, with results of 45 to 37 points, to the Caribbean of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, in favor of the capital.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales presented the medals and trophies to the first and second place winners of this sporting event, which was held every Sunday, in a period of 2 months. This tournament began on Sunday, October 6 and had the participation of 6 teams (Jass, Caribeñas, Tipitapa, Ciudad Sandino, Eagles and Leonas).

He also highlighted the resurgence that national basketball has had, both in the male branch, but mainly in the female branch, which can be seen with the results that the U14 team gave in the Central American team, where they beat Costa Rica, which was the team. champion, another major event that will take place in this sporting discipline are the Real Estelí games with the Monterrey Mexico team, which will take place in the last week of November at the modern Alexis Argüello Sports Center.

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