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Tribute to the Memory of Vera Zabala widow of baseball player Roberto Clemente

Building authorities, baseball players of all ages, coaches, managers, sports writers and fans of the beautiful game of Nicaragua, expressed their deep sorrow for the death of Vera Zabala, widow of Puerto Rican baseball player Roberto Clemente Walker.

Mrs. Vera Clemente passed away last Saturday, November 16, who visited our country on several occasions, the first time was in 1972 when she accompanied her husband, then the manager of Puerto Rico in the XX World Series of Baseball that was held in our country and in his subsequent visits he enjoyed the respect, love and affection of the Nicaraguan people.

In this well-deserved tribute, comrade Enrique Armas Rosales, Vice Mayor of Managua, stated that “the Goodwill Ambassador of the Major Leagues, as Mrs. Vera de Clemente was also known, on one of her several visits she went with the idea of creating a Children's Baseball Academy in Puerto Rico, which he formed, taking the experience of Nicaragua, ”Armas recalled.

At the commemorative act, which was held in the Roberto Clemente Square of the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores Park, the Vice Mayor of Managua read a statement and the children, along with personalities of national baseball and parents of families from the sports academies of the Mayor's Office from Managua placed flowers at the monument of the Puerto Rican star in memory of Doña Vera Zabala widow of Clemente.

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