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Nicaragua won in the closed circuit of the International Competition "Lakes and Volcanoes"

Nicaragua obtained the first places in the closed circuit of 100 kilometers of the International Competition "Lake and Volcanoes", in its 18th edition, which was held this Sunday, November 17, on Avenida de Bolívar a Chávez.

85 Central American cyclists from Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua participated in the “Lakes and Volcanoes” tour of Nicaragua, as well as cyclists from Italy and the United States, who live in our country.

The international race lasted three days and toured Masaya, Granada, Chinandega and Managua. On the last day of competition in a closed circuit of 100 kilometers, the participants were awarded by teams and individuals.

The Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, in his words of welcome to the runners, reiterated the unconditional support of the Government of President Ortega for the sport.

“Welcome brothers to the capital of Central American Sports, this year has undoubtedly been the best year of the sport, thanks to the unconditional support of Commander Ortega in promoting all sports, we have recently celebrated here the Central American Volleyball Championship Sub 18, Central American Championship of Basketball U14 and in the next few days we will have international matches of soccer, basketball, a 3 × 3 Latin American, all these events turn our beloved Managua into the chapel of Sports ”, explained Armas.

The President of the Nicaraguan Cycling Federation (FNC), Yader Grijalva, explained that the event was a resounding success and the satisfaction of foreign cyclists for the road conditions suggest it as a strong candidate for a world championship.

“We as a federation have gained experience in this type of event, but we must highlight something, from the Central American Games of 2017, we came out strengthened, but we achieved this thanks to the support of our Government for sport with technology, with economic resources and that. It was, in all the federations that the country has, foreign cyclists have told us two things, that the country's carts are the best in Central America and that the security provided by the police was excellent and the country's road infrastructure makes it candidate for a world cycling circuit, we are at that level, thank God and our Government ”.

Nicaragua in the team competition won first place with the Granja Porcina de León team and third with the Real Estelí team.

More than $ 2,000 was awarded to individual winners, first place won $ 900; second place $ 400 and third place $ 300. The most outstanding cyclists, the strong teams that scored from the first day were from Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

In the individual category, Yader Serrato from Real Estelí won a silver medal and Alberto Ramos from Granja Porcina won gold.

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