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Iván Montenegro Market offers attractive offers to residents of the capital

A few weeks after starting the novena to the Immaculate Conception of Mary and the Christmas season, the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas and the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market, announced to the capital's families and devotees of the Virgin, the very low prices on the products that make up the traditional cap that is given in the Gritería and decorative items for the end of the year parties, first communions and school promotions.

The perishables, dairy, meat, footwear, clothing and basic basket, are part of the extensive list of products at low prices of this successful discount festival, said Vice Mayor Armas in a tour of the facilities of this shopping center.

During this visit, Armas was also able to confirm a greater influx of families from the capital to this market, which, according to merchants, has generated a considerable increase in sales.

The merchant Anielka López of Variedades Dayana, affirmed that sales have increased and hopes that with the delivery of the Christmas bonuses they will improve even more.

He stressed that in its section products are offered at solidarity prices to customers who wish to celebrate birthdays, weddings, first communions and Christmas celebrations.

"There are prices from 120 to 180 cordobas in assorted candies and there are piñatas of 120, 150 and 300 cordobas, depending on the style," López stressed.

Likewise, the merchant Stefani López, reported that the one-liter plastic buckets, for candies, on the occasion of the Purísimas have a cost of 240 cordobas per dozen and from 30 units onwards, the price of 100 is applied, which has been going out to 1800 córdobas 100 buckets. The candy boxes in packages of 10 units, have a cost of 40 cordobas and the simple bags at 70 cordobas for 100 units.

The vice-mayor of the capital said that “sales are going at a good pace, and in the coming days the sale of chicken, the sale of turkey, the sale of pork will increase and we are going to have a celebration of La Purísima in style. In the next few days we have the start of La Purísima on Avenida Bolívar, so we are preparing to have a splendid December ”, he stressed.

For her part, Kassandra Bustamante, who offers national leather footwear at solidarity prices, which range between 500 and 700 cordobas, invited families from the capital to take advantage of these excellent offers and said that she has good expectations in sales starting this November 21 , when State workers will receive their thirteenth month.

The Deputy Mayor Armas stressed that in addition to promoting this discount fair, the Municipality carried out in this shopping center, a day of "clean market, healthy market, safe market", to keep the hygiene and health of Iván Montenegro in good condition.

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