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House built for family affected by rain inaugurated in district II

As a result of the immediate attention provided by the Good Government to the families affected by the adverse weather conditions, a decent home was built for Mrs. Luisa Esther Maltez and her 2 children, who lost everything due to the heavy rain on October 24. , which brought down his humble house in the Alfredo Silva neighborhood of District 2 of Managua.

This affected family was quickly identified by the Neighborhood Committee for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention and in coordination with the municipal authorities, the necessary and immediate attention was provided; complying with the Citizen Power model, developed by Good Government, to guarantee the well-being of Nicaraguan families.

The construction of this new house represents dignified housing number 190, built by the Good Government in Managua with the solidarity of China (Taiwan), which since October 2018 has been supporting this project of love and restitution of rights, to the families that inhabit in precarious conditions.

At the inauguration of this new dignified home, Mayor Reyna Rueda, Mayor of the Citizen Power of Managua, expressed the commitment of the Good Government to transform the lives of the capital's families, thanked the support provided by China (Taiwan) for the execution of this project ; He also explained that in the Alfredo Silva neighborhood, from 2009 to date 32 decent homes have been built for the same number of families.

Mr. Jaime Chin Mu Wu, Ambassador of China (Taiwan) expressed his satisfaction with the work carried out by the Good Government, which exemplified the immediate attention given to the family of Luisa Esther Maltez, who had their home, so he said he was very happy to see this result with the small fund they provide, which is used to the maximum and benefits the neediest families.

For her part, the young Mrs. Luisa Esther Maltez, said she was happy with her new home where she will live more quietly and safely with her 2 children and who said she was satisfied with the immediate care provided.

In addition to the inauguration of the dignified home, there was a children's afternoon with piñatas and clowns, as well as a day of medical care, in which 120 consultations in general medicine were provided, with the medication required by each patient totally free.

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