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Mayor's Office presents study results of the Tiscapa lagoon

On the morning of this Tuesday, November 12, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua presented, at the convention center of the Japanese Nicaraguan Park, the results of the study on the dynamics and underground flow and the sedimentation rate in the Tiscapa lagoon, carried out by the UNAN Managua Aquatic Resources Research Center, as part of the commitment and care for our mother earth.

These results were presented to institutions and organizations involved with environmental conservation, including MARENA, ENACAL, INETER, the Nicaraguan Army, CIRA de la UNAN, FONARE and the Guardabarranco Environmental Movement, who expressed their appreciation to the Mayor's Office of Power. Citizen of Managua, for supporting the environment.

The objective of the study was to define the origin of the waters stored in the Tiscapa lagoon, to quantify the sediment carry-over, to determine the degree of siltation of the bottom and to know the current state of its ecosystem.

According to the results of this study that was carried out over a period of 2 years, it ensures that the Tiscapa lagoon is a future of life, if we continue to carry out care and conservation actions, due to the existence of underground water recharge.

This study also expresses that the lagoon can subsist without rainwater from the channel that discharges into the lagoon, although they stressed that this does not harm the life of the lagoon, what does affect is the poor management of solid waste that is dumped into the lake. drainage system; Therefore, a call was made to the public to deposit the garbage in its place and not to throw it in places that cause damage to our natural resources.

Likewise, it was announced that, with the support of the Dutch government, a giant aerator will be implemented to recover oxygenation in the Tiscapa Lagoon. It should be noted that the Sandinista government has implemented actions for the rescue and conservation of this aquatic resource, among which we can mention permanent cleaning, reforestation, a system of application of microorganisms and aeration with 2 sources in the water mirror, ultrasonic sensors that emit waves to control the growth of algae and Nica-barda to retain the waste that falls into the lagoon.

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