Wholesale Merchants Announce Discounts on Holiday Season Products

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas and merchants from the municipal market El Mayoreo made a tour to announce the festival of discounts and low prices on the products of La Purísima and the Christmas season.

This tour began in the grocery and meat area, where merchants announced the discounts for sausages and chicken; Later, the cane and fruit area was toured for the Gritería caps and prayers to the Immaculate Conception of María; and it continued through the sections with products of the Christmas season, where merchants offered discounts on the prices of Christmas lights, toys and clothing for the Christmas and New Year premieres.

Finally, the cold rooms were visited, where the Vice Mayor of Managua reported that with the solidarity of China (Taiwan) the Good Government built a new battery of cold rooms that recently began to operate, to protect the products that need to be kept at low temperatures in good condition. temperatures.

Likewise, it was announced that this battery of cold rooms in the El Mayoreo market has an area of 320 square meters of construction, with 5 refrigeration units with a storage capacity of 338 cubic meters; it also has an office module, a backup power plant for any failure in the energy system and a fire protection plant.

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