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The U14 Central American Basketball Championship begins in the Capital of Central American Sports

"Welcome to Managua, the Capital of Central American Sports" were the words of Vice Mayor Enrique Armas when he inaugurated the U14 Central American Basketball Championship for men and women, there are 4 daily matches that will be held at the Alexis Argüello Sports Center from November 6 to 10. The inauguration took place immediately after the Nicaragua vs El Salvador men's game where Nicaragua won with a score of 66 to 60.

The Vice Mayor of Managua Enrique Armas and the President of the Central American Basketball Confederation COCABA, Mr. Mario Méndez welcomed the 120 athletes and the technical commissions of COCABA and FIBA that visit Nicaragua.

“Welcome young people to the Central American Sports Capital, Managua, reiterates to all athletes and the authorities of the International Basketball Federation and all sports the commitment to support and develop all sporting events, thanks to the support of God and the support from the Government of President Ortega to the sport, we continue to be the headquarters, a week ago the Central American Volleyball Championship was held, today we are starting the basketball one and in December we will have a Latin American 3 by 3 and many more events that will be announced soon, this It is thanks to the support and promotion of sport in the last 10 years of our Central Government ”, said Armas.

Mr. Mario Méndez, President of COCABA highlighted the love of sport and the dedication of the hosts of the event.

“We are excited and grateful to the Municipality for so much love from you, in bringing sports to children, it is not about qualifying for a World Cup or Championship, it is love that counts, it is about giving the children of Central America that love that you have for everything and have the full assurance that we will send to the International Basketball Federation the disposition of the Mayor of Managua for something as beautiful as it is to do this tournament and Vice Mayor that we will take the opportunity to further develop Central America from here , from Nicaragua ”.

The countries that are competing in this championship are; Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua, there are 120 athletes who will be competing with each other to carry the flag of victory to their country, there are 5 female teams and 5 male teams that will be fighting to become champions.

The winners of the first two places in both categories will participate in the U15 Central American Basketball Championship. This championship is the first event of the International Basketball Federation to be held in our country.

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