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XIII Central American Under-19 Volleyball Championship was held with great success

On the night of Saturday, November 2, the XIII Central American Under-19 Men's Volleyball Championship was closed, which was held in Nicaragua from October 29 to November 2 at the facilities of the Alexis Argüello Sports Center, in this sporting event Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador participated , Belize, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The Under 19 category is very important, because it allows each country to profile athletes between the ages of 15 and 19 at most, nationally and abroad.

Preparing a team to compete in this category allows each country to discover the future athletes who will represent their country in international events.

The awarding of the winners was made by Mayor Reyna Rueda and the authorities of the Nicaraguan Volleyball Federation.

The first place was conquered by Costa Rica, the second by Guatemala and the third by Honduras.

Mayor Rueda at the closing of the event, thanked the trust placed in Nicaragua to host the event.

“Tonight we are not only rewarding the winners, we are recognizing in each one of the 90 Central American brothers who participated in this championship, the ambassadors that each of you carry within, each one of you proudly carried your flag, and this Bicentennial capital was the headquarters of this sporting event, it is thanks to the sports infrastructure that the Central American Games of 2017 left us as a legacy, but this nation would not have this infrastructure if our Government, led by Commander Daniel and our Vice President Rosario Murillo, did not promote sport in all its disciplines as it has been promoted in the last 10 years ”.

Rueda highlighted the importance of this event and of hosting sports activities because they are projecting us internationally.

“The importance of the sports championships for young people is because they are a seedbed, a warehouse that allows each country to attract and train young people who stand out in different disciplines, and being hosts of Central American events allows us to show the world our ability to organize these events at the highest level ”.

Dowchel McDonald from Costa Rica turned out to be the most valuable player in the championship, he is 17 years old and for him, thanks to the Alexis Arguello Sports Center, the eyes of the world follow Nicaragua every time there is a sporting event here.

“Este coliseo es impresionante, tiene tecnología de punta y su capacidad para usos múltiples son admirables, los instructores que andan con nuestro equipo nos dicen que Nicaragua no tiene nada que envidarle a otros países, este polideportivo está construido al máximo nivel y no sólo eso, nos acogieron y nos trataron con una gran hospitalidad”.[vc_images_carousel images=”24733,24734,24735,24736,24737,24738,24739,24740,24741,24742,24743,24744,24745,24746,24747,24748,24749,24750,24751,24752,24753,24754,24755,24756,24757,24758,24759,24760,24761,24762,24763,24764,24765″ img_size=”large”]

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