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Clean and safe cemeteries to receive the managuas this November 2

The cemeteries of Managua are ready to receive thousands of visitors this November 2, Day of the Faithful, informed the Vice Mayor of Managua, Enrique Armas, in a tour of the Peripheral Cemetery this morning.

He announced that the Capital Commune carried out special cleaning tasks for a month and for two days to commemorate the relatives in the Cemeteries, the Municipality has already concluded the cleaning and renovation works simultaneously in the 8 cemeteries of the capital.

The Peripheral cemetery has 16 blocks and 6 workers from the Capital Commune provide maintenance and cleaning throughout the year and on special dates, such as Mother's Day on May 30 and the Day of the Dead on November 2, reinforces with a crew of 40 workers.

From this Cemetery, between 40 and 50 cubic meters of garbage and sediment were evacuated weekly, and in all the weeks that the day lasted, a total of 320 cubic meters was extracted.

The Day of Cleaning and Renovation of the Peripheral Cemetery had an investment cost of almost half a million córdobas.

Armas explained that 39 companions of the Sandinista Youth voluntarily supported with a day of ornamentation and planted 168 trees throughout the Cemetery.

For her part, the Delegate of District IV of Managua, Daysi Serrano, reported that inter-institutional coordination has been made with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) and the Fire Department to eliminate bee hives, mosquito breeding sites and also fumigate.

He added that on November 2 there will be masses in honor of the relatives who rest in this cemetery and there will be a police presence and a MINSA post for people who require medical assistance.

El Periférico was founded in 1959 and until today, approximately 100,000 people have been buried in 27,000 existing lots.

Currently, this cemetery no longer offers the capital's lots for their relatives, since it has been saturated since 1992.

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