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Inhabitants of the Hialeah neighborhood participate in the Environmental Fair

In the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood of District I, the Managua Mayor's Office held the environmental fair, "With Peace and Joy We Learn to Love the Environment", the fair is part of the Environmental Education Project in this community, which has 7 months of being executed with the aim of forming a citizen awareness in the inhabitants about the importance of caring for and protecting the environment.

The Environmental Education Project focused on the Benito Juárez school with a student population of 538 1st grade children. In sixth grade of primary school, this school for its participation in this project and for the defense of the Environment won an urban environmental voucher that consists of a battery of sanitary bathrooms, a water tank with a capacity of 1000 liters and a kitchen with your gas tank, this voucher improves the quality of life of the student community.

During the fair, the ecological murals that the children from 4th to 6th grade made were awarded. Mayor Reyna Rueda explained that the project was a total success, because environmental education reached the community through the children.

"We as the Municipal Government are aware of the urgent need to educate our population environmentally, so we are developing from the community, an educational process that is transforming and the achievements are already seen in this neighborhood, the riverbed is cleaner, the people it is throwing away less garbage, the children classify the garbage and teach their parents how to do it, ”said the Mayor.

The event was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda, Camilo Fonseca, Director of the Environment and Kamilo Lara, Executive President of the National Recycling Forum (FONARE).

For his part, the president of FONARE congratulated the Municipal Government for the educational process that it has started in this pilot project.

"The Mayor's Office is sowing in fertile land, the environmental education that our society needs so much, educating children from now on we are going to have men and women environmentally capable of protecting and defending Mother Earth quotients tomorrow."

The ecological murals that competed promoted awareness and empowerment in children, promoting good environmental habits and the proper management of solid, liquid and atmospheric waste in favor of the care, preservation and conservation of the Environment.

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