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Good Government delivers Property Titles to Evangelical Churches

Guaranteeing legal security to the Evangelical Churches, the Good Government, through the Attorney General's Office, delivered 67 Property Titles to the same number of Christian churches.

In this event, Pastor Rafael Arista of the Assemblies of God, expressed his gratitude to the Good Government for the legalization of these 67 evangelical churches in their different denominations.

The 67 Property Titles were delivered as follows: in the municipality of Managua 32 benefited churches, in Ciudad Sandino 4, Mateare 14, Tipitapa 5, Jinotepe 1, El Viejo 1, León 6, Masaya 1, Madriz 2 and one in Rivas.

Por su parte, la compañera Wendy Morales, Procuradora de la Propiedad expresó que en este año 2019, se han entregado 56 Mil Títulos de Propiedad a nivel nacional y se proyecta cerrar con 70 Mil propiedades legalizadas en todo el país.[vc_images_carousel images=”24255,24256,24257,24258,24259,24260,24261,24262,24263,24264,24265,24266,24267,24268,24269,24270,24271,24272,24273,24274,24275,24276,24277,24278,24279,24280,24281,24282,24283,24284,24285,24286,24287,24288,24289,24290,24291,24292,24293,24294,24253″ img_size=”large”]

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