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Roberto Huembes merchants invite families to take advantage of low prices

During a visit by the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda, to the Roberto Huembes handicraft market, the merchants announced the excellent results of the discount fair and invited families from the capital to visit this shopping center that awaits them with prices specials.

Manuela Escalante, a merchant from this shopping center, said that they are prepared to receive buyers, “we have good security, we have the attention of the Police, the Firefighters and a group of young people who do surveillance in the markets so that they do not steal and can buy in peace ”, Escalante stressed, also highlighting the affectionate treatment that merchants give to buyers.

Mayor Rueda reminded the managuas that only in the markets can they find prices accessible to the consumer's pocket.

"We invite all families, come to our popular centers, come to our markets to buy that they will wait for you with open arms, but above all with many incredible discounts," said the Mayor of the managuas.

This shopping center, in addition to offering basic basket products, perishable goods, footwear, also has attractive promotions for the day of the faithful departed, the Gritería and the Christmas season.

This discount festival in which 60 percent of merchants participate, will be held throughout the month of November and will conclude on December 24.

The Roberto Huembes market was founded in 1981, has 19 hectares and houses 2,548 sections, where 2,240 permanent merchants and 200 occasional vendors work with great enthusiasm for the consuming public.

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