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China (Taiwan) reconfirms its support for the Decent Housing Program

This Friday, October 25, the authorities of the Managua Mayor's Office and SINAPRED received from the Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Mr. Jaime Chi Mu Wu, a financing of 200 thousand dollars for the Dignified Housing Program, this is the third disbursement that The Taiwanese people assign to the program that benefited 180 families who were affected by the rains last year.

The signing of the agreement was made before the workers of the Municipality who assemble, design and assemble the houses that are given to the families that are the protagonists of the project.

Dr. Guillermo González, Director of SINAPRED, thanked the unconditional support of this sister town, which transformed the lives of hundreds of families in the capital.

“This third disbursement not only further seals the ties of friendship and solidarity between these two sister peoples of China and Nicaragua, but also allows us to make it possible for the sun to continue to shine for these families. Have full confidence, Mr. Ambassador, that we will continue working to improve the lives of these families, ”said González.

The Ambassador of China (Taiwan), Jaime Chi Mu Wu, highlighted the role that the Municipality has played for a year, in this project that has traveled all the districts of the capital.

“It fills us with joy and excitement to be here today, whenever we ask the protagonists how many days it takes to build their houses, they tell us that in 5 or 6 days, it is significant and beautiful that the workers who build the houses are there today that is given to the families, because you not only build the house, you build dreams and hopes for these families, we have witnessed the work of this entire team from the Mayor's Office to help families in vulnerable situations and we will continue to support this project that is changing everyone's life, bringing new joys, "said the diplomat.

China (Taiwan) in one year has made three disbursements for the Decent Housing Project. The first disbursement was made on October 15 of last year, with an amount of 100,000 dollars; Two months later, on December 14, Taiwan delivered a second disbursement of 200 thousand dollars, and thanks to the brotherhood of this town with the Managuas, this Friday, October 25, the documents for a third disbursement of 200 thousand dollars were signed.

Mayor Reyna Rueda, on behalf of all the Managuas, thanked the people of China (Taiwan) for their solidarity and unconditionality with the neediest families in Nicaragua.

“We have a year that Ambassador Jaime Chi Mu Wu accompanies us in the neighborhoods delivering the houses; he, his wife and the Embassy staff travel the neighborhoods and witness the joy of the protagonists when they receive their homes, and this has only been possible thanks to the collaboration of these ties of friendship, and the will of our Commander and our Vice President Rosario Murillo. With the first two disbursements we built 180 homes and with this third disbursement, we are going to build 76 homes. Thank you for supporting this project and for trusting in our work, ”the Mayor stressed.

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