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Municipality carry out renovation works in the General Cemetery of Managua

Mayor Reyna Rueda made a supervision visit to the General Cemetery of Managua, to verify the progress of the cleaning day that is carried out in this Cemetery, prior to the Day of the Dead Saints and after the heavy rains of this month of October .

Likewise, comrade Reyna Rueda said that each of the cemeteries managed by the Municipality has a budget assigned for their maintenance, so there is permanently a crew of workers cleaning these Camposantos and they are carried out twice a year. special cleaning days, in which efforts and resources are increased to receive families who come to visit their deceased saints.

These cleaning and ornamentation works are part of the special days that the Managua Mayor's Office executes twice a year in the Camposantos, in the month of May, before Mother's Day and after the first winter rains that make it grow rapidly the grass weed and the second one, develops in the last week of October; These days are carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Health, who are in charge of fumigation and elimination of mosquito breeding sites, to avoid sources of contamination and guarantee public health.

During these days, painting work, repair of lighting, cleaning of gutters, chapoda and tree pruning are carried out, with which it is expected to evacuate 500 cubic meters of undergrowth, in which progress has been made in more than 50% of the 39 blocks of this Municipal Cemetery, in which it is planned to receive the visit of 1 Million 500 Thousand relatives of the bereaved in the first three days of November.

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