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Consultative Council held with families from District 3 of Managua

Exercising the Citizen Power model and in constant communication with the population, the Managua Mayor's Office held the consultative council with the families and communities of District 3, where the proposals for projects and programs to be developed in the neighborhoods and regions of this area were presented. From the capital.

The Preliminary Draft of the Municipal Budget of Income and Expenses and for the year 2020, has a projection of 7 thousand 31 million 95 thousand 910 Córdobas, of which 626 million will be invested in projects and programs in District 3 of Managua.

The proposed investment for District 3 includes the construction of 33 road improvement and storm drainage projects executed by the Infrastructure Directorate and the District Delegation; 9 environmental projects, 32 human development projects and programs; in addition to maintenance and public cleaning works.

In this presentation, residents of the neighborhoods and regions of District 3 listened to the proposals presented, which were built in coordination with the community and presented other proposals for consideration.

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