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Iván Montenegro market starts Christmas price festival

Starting this Friday, October 18, families from the capital will be able to enjoy special prices, promoted by the Christmas discount fair in the Iván Montenegro market.

The Discount Fair will be held from October to December 24, there are eight weeks of discounts on all La Purísima products, products, the basic basket, perishables and dairy products.

The fair is promoted by the merchant brothers who have worked for more than 25 years in this shopping center. Enrique Armas, Vice Mayor of Managua, highlighted the dynamism that this type of initiative generates in the local economy and for the benefit of consumers by being able to buy at affordable prices.

“As of this month of October we can already enjoy the festival of Christmas prices in all the modules or sections of the Iván Montenegro, we can see in the prices the favorable discounts on toys, clothing, footwear, Christmas products, and everything that is traditionally given in celebration at La Purísima ”.

Manuela Escalante, merchant of Iván Montenegro explained that they are already organized and have coordinated efforts with the police to protect visitors to the market and also activated the District Disaster Prevention Committee (CODIPRED) to provide security against any eventuality of nature. .

“All consumers who come to our market, which is the King of Dairy, will be able to buy safely, we have already reactivated the CODIPRED because the market will be full, we also have police security ready and we will have reduced prices until December and in November we will have black weekend , shopping nights and on November 21 we will hold the toy fair taking advantage of the fact that on that day the state workers will receive the Christmas bonus, ”Escalante explained.

In the Iván Montenegro market you can find plastic utensils such as panitas, toys, glasses from 60, 80, 90 and 100 cordobas a dozen, in dairy products you can find a pound of cheese between 40 and 45 a pound wholesale.

The 25 beauty salons that operate in this market also offer promotions of 50 and 70 percent discounts.

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