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Fair housing program opens house 176 in the Hialeah neighborhood

The protagonist Dalila Ríos, who has lived in the Hialeah neighborhood for 28 years, is the mother of 5 children and who works as a household assistant, became the 176th beneficiary of the Dignified Housing Program promoted by the Mayor's Office of Managua thanks to unconditional support of the brother people of China (Taiwan).

The support of Taiwan began on October 15 of last year and for a year it has traveled all the districts of Managua. Vice Mayor Enrique Armas highlighted the decisive role of the support of Taiwan in this program that is changing the lives of hundreds of families who were at risk or vulnerability.

"The family of our protagonist today is receiving the greatest blessing that God can give us, a house of her own, where she can take shelter with her children, where she can sleep in peace, because she knows that she and her family are safe and this dream is a reality today. Thanks to the political will of our Commander and the unconditional support of Taiwan for the projects carried out by our Government for the benefit of the Nicaraguan population ”.

Ambassador Jaime Chi Mu Wu, during the inauguration highlighted the importance for families of having a safe home.

“We are witnesses of the work carried out by the Government of President Ortega in all the projects, to benefit families and the work that the Mayor's Office does to build not a house, but a home for people who live in situations of distress. vulnerability, there is nothing more important than the family having a home ”, said the Ambassador.

Dalila Ríos is a single mother, she lives alone with her children in the Hialeah neighborhood and thanks to this program, she already has a secure roof to pass on to her children.

“Today the dream of all my life came true, I always wanted to build a house for my children, but the salary did not allow it and now that the kids are already grown up, God gave me this gift for my little children and for my grandchildren. Nobody had remembered the people who have fewer resources, Commander Daniel is the only one who does not forget about the people, ”said the protagonist.

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