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They celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the Israel Lewites Market

This Thursday, October 17, merchants and building authorities celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Israel Lewites market, in this activity a monument was unveiled in honor of the Hero and Martyr Israel Lewites, awards were given to 4 founders of this capital shopping center .

The event was chaired by Comrade Reyna Rueda, Mayor of Managua, Comrade Freddy Casco, Director General of COMMEMA, and representatives of the merchants' Associations, who after a cultural event made a tour of the sections of this capital market.

The Israel Lewites market has an area of 8 blocks that houses 1,193 fixed sections and 270 temporary ones, as well as a bus terminal that travels to the western municipalities of Managua and the departments of Carazo, León and Chinandega.

The festival was held in an atmosphere of joy, family and community, beginning with a cultural act with folk dances, followed by the musical performance of the Contratiempo group and food dishes were distributed to all attendees and visitors to this capital market.

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