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Municipality provides care and support to capital families

As part of the model promoted by Good Government, of immediate response to Nicaraguan families and in response to the Green Alert decreed; The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua carried out a supervision tour of the storm drainage works that are being carried out in District 5 and an accompaniment visit to flooded families of the Santa Elena neighborhood in District 6.

In the rainwater drainage supervision visit, these functioned optimally, as expressed by the residents of the Germán Pomares neighborhood where the slopes of the channel were stabilized.

Mrs. Delfa Cardoza, a resident of the Germán Pomares neighborhood, expressed her satisfaction with this work that guarantees security and tranquility to the 20 families that live in this sector, which was previously a flood point. Similarly, the 30 de Mayo and Los Ángeles neighborhoods of District 5 were visited, where the good condition of the drainage and sewage work was confirmed, which is progressing 65% and eliminates another critical point in this area of the capital.

On this tour, comrade Fidel Moreno explained that at dawn on Tuesday 15, 130 millimeters of rain were registered, which caused damage in 18 neighborhoods of Managua, where 465 homes suffered temporary flooding, mostly in districts 5 and 6; In addition to 3 houses with major impacts, the latter will be built decent solidarity housing, in districts 3 and 5.

Likewise, follow-up and immediate attention was given to more than 200 flooded families in the Santa Elena neighborhood of District 6, who were guaranteed mats and the required attention; This visit was led by Mayor Reyna Rueda, who stated that the Municipality has arranged crews of workers and machinery to attend to emergencies.

For his part, Pastor Luis Felipe Gutiérrez of the Buen Samaritano Baptist Church, a place that served as a shelter for temporarily flooded families in the Santa Elena neighborhood, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the community for the support provided by the Good Government to the most families. needy.

In the afternoon, the evaluation tour of the damages continued where comrade Fidel Moreno said that no new damages had been reported due to rains, but they are constantly monitoring and accompanying the families, highlighting that the 3 collapsed houses will be built, such as the Case of Mrs. Daniela del Rosario Martínez, who began the construction of her home in the Buena Vista neighborhood of District 3.

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