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Bidders visit the site where the social housing of the Bismarck Martínez Program will be built

Eight Nicaraguan companies that are participating in the bidding process for the 500 social housing units of the Bismarck Martínez Program, together with the municipal authorities, visited the site where the first 500 social housing units will be built.

This would be the first stage of the urbanization where a little more than 15,000 people will live, the project also includes the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, an area for a CDI, a bus terminal, a health center and a station. of cop.

Fidel Moreno explained that the companies interested in the project are all Nicaraguan and with extensive experience in urban development.

“We have eight Nicaraguan companies that are participating in the bidding process, the companies have a lot of experience in the construction area. Tomorrow we will have a homologation meeting where all the questions and concerns regarding the contract requirements will be answered, we hope in 30 days to be presenting the offers, in this area about 15 thousand people will live, this first stage of 500 homes would be the pilot project to later build 1500 more, that means that we need an area of 120 blocks ”.

The preliminary dirt works such as the configuration of streets, leveling of the land, installation of drinking water, are works that the Municipality is carrying out to deliver the ready site to the winning bidders of the tender.

Among the companies interested in the project are: Constructora Nicaragüense SA, D 'Guerrero SA and New Century.

The homes will have an area of 54 square meters, built with blocks and reinforced structures, the estimated construction time for each home, according to projections, is one month and the construction of the 500 homes will generate 4,000 jobs.

Engineer José Adán Mena, Investment Manager of New Century, a company with 35 years of experience, expressed interest in contributing to the housing project of the Central Government in coordination with the Municipality.

“We believe they are in harmony in this project promoted by the Central Government and the Mayor's Office to reduce the housing deficit in the country, we have the experience and resources to carry out the construction and we are willing to align ourselves with the parameters and requirements defined by the Mayor's Office. ”.

Meanwhile, the engineer Cristian Sánchez, representative of the construction company D 'Guerreros Ingenieros SA with 26 years of experience, confirmed the desire to win the tender.

"The challenge of building 500 homes in 6 months is enormous, the challenge is great but not impossible, this growing area of the capital, this gives it a privileged location and our goal is to win the tender."

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