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They provide information to the population on the Municipal Management of the Second Quarter

Complying with the model of Citizen Power and direct democracy, the Managua Council, provided the report of the second quarter of Municipal Management, corresponding to the months of April, May and June of this year, through which, the road works, storm drainage, decoration, public cleaning and social programs executed by the Municipality to improve the living conditions of the capital's families.

The report detailed that, in this period, the Municipality obtained total revenues of 655 Million 267 Thousand 64 Córdobas, of which 80% correspond to ordinary income, quantifiable in 519 Million 714 Thousand 872 Córdobas and 135 Million 552 Thousand 192 Córdobas were from extraordinary income.

Likewise, it was reported that, in the second quarter of the year, the capital city promoted the execution of 233 projects, contemplated in the Annual Investment Plan (PIA) 2019, of which 110 were concluded; whose works have an investment of 332 million 884 thousand 530 Córdobas.

In the detail of this report, it was announced that, in roads, conditions were improved in 99 blocks of streets, which include the reconstruction and expansion of the road network, 52 blocks were rebuilt with asphalt mix and the network was expanded in 47 new blocks with hydraulic concrete and asphalt; Likewise, the construction of 68 blocks of dirt streets and the maintenance of 55 blocks lined with cobblestone was carried out.

In investments, for human and social development, more than 279 thousand people were served, with a total amount of 69 million 439 thousand 963 Córdobas; Among the main achievements obtained is the construction of 48 decent homes, for the same number of families in an emergency situation, with the support of the people and government of China (Taiwan).

Similarly, the first stage of the Bismarck Martínez subdivision was completed with 345 lots and the installation of basic services, in its first stage; Likewise, cultural activities were developed to promote our cultural identity and preserve our historical heritage, as well as sports programs, care for women and the family; 54 construction projects, beautification of public spaces and urban equipment were also developed; and the construction of complementary works in the modules of the Eastern market was completed.

Also, it was announced that the construction of the Sabana Grande cemetery is progressing the construction of 38%; Likewise, it was indicated that 4 thousand 2 new taxpayers were registered in the Land Registry and 266 construction permits were issued.

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