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Bismarck Martínez program reaches 13,000 approved applications

A year after the Bismarck Martínez program began, there are a little more than 13 thousand applications approved, in the last weeks 250 to 300 contracts have been signed daily, benefiting hundreds of residents of the capital and in the next 24 hours, it will be carried out a visit to the site with the bidders who are interested in building the first houses, as confirmed by Fidel Moreno, Secretary General of the Commune.

“The Bismarck Martínez Program is extremely successful. Let us remember that this October 15 we will have a year of starting the program and on October 12 we will have two months of having announced the modality of social housing. We have 7,823 applications approved for lots and 5,000 applications approved for housing, adding a little more than 13,000 beneficiaries, many of them who for years have lived in overcrowding, rented or posing, now with the quota of 20 or 40 dollars they will have their own lot or house ”.

According to the calendars and procedures mandated by the Municipal Contractions Law, this October 3 the final specifications for the tender for the project that will build the first 500 social housing units were uploaded, the interested parties must guarantee the construction of 100 houses per month, that will be one of the requirements to be met and the bidders must build at least 100 homes per month, Moreno explained.

“This Tuesday we will visit the site where the first 500 homes will be built, we are in the final stretch of the bidding process and in this first stage, in the first six months we are planning to build 100 homes per month and in the second stage we are planning to build 300 homes per month, until we complete the demand of our people, which is enormous, we must see how we constructively organize ourselves to ensure this ”.

The houses will have an area of 54 square meters, built with blocks and reinforced structures, the estimated construction time for each house, according to projections, is one month and the construction of the 500 houses will generate 4 thousand jobs.

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