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500 children participate in the Sixth Children's Baseball League

On Saturday, October 5, the Municipality inaugurated the Sixth Federation Children's Baseball League in the Pee Wee category, in which 20 teams participate. The opening of the sporting event that will last about 4 months was at the “Hugo Chávez Frías” stadium.

At the inauguration of the league, Reyna Rueda, Mayor of the managuas reiterated the commitment to continue promoting the sport for the benefit of children.

“We are proud because our commitment to promoting sports and healthy recreation for the darlings of the house has been constant and unwavering, we have six consecutive years of organizing this Children's Baseball League, there are 500 children from 6 to 8 and 8 after 10 years those who are participating, there are 20 teams that will be learning to compete and work as a team ”.

The games will be held every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for the next 4 months, in all fields and children's baseball stadiums that the Commune has, such as Hugo Chávez Frías, Batahola, Luis Alfonso, San Judas in Róger Deshon, el Germán Pomares park field and Dorado park.

All the teams had months of preparation, thanks to the work and dedication of the coaches of each of the teams, this league becomes a pilot project that prepares them for the biggest competitions.

“This league is a good way to train healthy children, sports children, away from vices through sports. Sport is forming them as students and later as future adolescents, if we want a healthy childhood and youth, we must guide them through a sports discipline ”.

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