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Comidería Jenny wins first place in the contest "The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga 2019"

The protagonist Jenny María Mejía, owner of the “Jenny Comidería”, won for the second consecutive year the first place of the “The Cleanest and Most Beautiful Fritanga in Managua” Contest.

Doña Jenny's fritter has 41 uninterrupted years of delighting the families of the Venezuela neighborhood in District IV.

This is the third time he has won the contest, in 2016 he won third place and in 2017 and 2019 he wins first place consecutively.

Doña Jenny has participated since the fritanga contest began six years ago and when she does, the whole family gets involved.

“I am proud to have won this first place and I thank God for allowing me to participate with my family in this experience, I call on all the brothers who have this type of business and who have never participated, that the next year they are encouraged and that they participate, not only because of the award that is a reality, but because in this way we all join forces to take care of the health of people and the environment, "said the protagonist.

The Vice Mayor Enrique Armas, when presenting the prize of 50 thousand cordobas, thanked all the participants who for years have joined the effort of the Mayor's Office, to guarantee a permanent campaign that promotes the handling of food and its derivatives in the correct way.

“We congratulate our protagonist Jenny María, who for 41 years has delighted us with her seasoning, but above all for participating in this project that we started six years ago, there are hundreds and hundreds of fritters that we have visited and more than a food business, more than a traditional gastronomy, these businesses generate jobs, dreams and projects of these businesses, there are hundreds of mothers who raise their children, you see we have two years that youth have accompanied us in this contest with the choice of " Miss Fritanga ", this contest has already become a tradition that involves the whole family," said Armas.

Along with Mrs. Jenny, Verónica Michel Moreno, winner of the second place of Miss Fritanga and Jesly Alejandra Téllez, winner of the first place were also awarded.

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