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Expansion work begins on 25 Calle de Managua

Working for the welfare and prosperity of the capital's families, comrade Fidel Moreno Briones, Secretary General of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua announced the expansion of 25 Calle, which will function as an alternate or diverted route from the first section of construction of the new track John Paul II.

The 25 Calle will be one of the parallel roads to the Juan Pablo II track, which will function as an alternate route to divert traffic in its first stage of construction, this section of track will decongest the track from the 7 South sector to the El roundabout. Journalist.

Construction of this alternate road has just started on a 600-meter stretch and is expected to be completed in the first days of March 2020; The intervention area, at this time, is from the traffic lights of the old Nunciature to the intersection of the Benjamín Zeledón school, a road that will be expanded to 4 lanes, it will consist of 2 new vehicular bridges and a little more than 500 linear meters of track.

Likewise, it was announced that in the next few days two sections of roads will be put out to tender, the first from Avenida Héroes y Mártires de Batahola to the traffic lights of the old Nunciature and the other will cross the IND until it reaches Avenida Naciones Unidas, which will The 2.5 kilometers of alternate track to the Juan Pablo II track will be completed.

Likewise, it was announced that when the section of the Juan Pablo II track is built, which extends from the El Periodista roundabout to Metrocentro, the expansion of this road that will connect the United Nations Avenue with the Masaya Highway, in a route of 1.5 kilometers of track, that is to say that this other section of intervention will have its alternative route of vehicular decongestion.

These alternative routes of vehicular circulation will be enabled, so as not to create disruptions in the traffic of almost 60 thousand vehicles that circulate daily in this area.

He also explained that, in order to carry out these extensions, it has been required to make compensation for the families that live in the sector and detailed that there are a little more than 1 thousand people affected, both on the Juan Pablo II track, and on 25 Calle.

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